Our food adventure and global offering

Each business is directly responsible for its product range, its buying and sales approach. Businesses retain their local brand, tone of voice, look and feel. The cultural differences are important to differentiate the regional locations. Each business operates as an autonomous, local business.

The achievement of a consistently good track record is a result of strong organic and acquisitive growth, positive market fundamentals and the advantages of shared operational best practice, network density, and deep local customer and supplier relationships.


Australia and New Zealand offer customers the industry’s most comprehensive range, wide market coverage, economies of scale and one-stop solutions.

New Zealand



Trading profit


Employees profit

4 704

Australasia Earth
  • Acquired an initial 40% interest in listed Australian foodservice business Manettas, the start of our business in Australia.
  • Entry into the New Zealand foodservice market with the acquisition of 100% of Crean Foodservice.
  • John Lewis Foodservice acquired and incorporated into Australia, creating the leading Australian foodservice distributor.
  • Successfully rebranded Bidfood Australia and Bidfood New Zealand.


Bidcorp in Europe is the leading foodservice distributor to the Horeca sector. Bidcorp has a world-class service offering and a diverse product range that meets the needs of its vast customer base.




Trading profit


Employees profit

7 304

Europe Earth
  • Acquired 100% of the Netherlands and Belgium foodservice company, Deli XL.
  • Acquired 94% of Nowaco, a leading foodservice provider operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and 91% of Farutex, a foodservice provider in Poland.
  • Acquired 100% of Nowaco Baltics (Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia), a leading distributor in frozen and chilled products across the Baltic region.
  • Acquisition of a 60% stake in Gruppo DAC S.p.A, a leading foodservice provider in Italy.
  • Bidcorp moves into Spain through its acquisition of a 90% stake in Guzmán Gastronomía & Cuttings (Guzmán).
  • Foodservice acquisition in Germany and Austria,
    as well as a bolt-on in Portugal strengthening
    our Bidfood Iberia business.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom is a market-leading foodservice and product distributor serving customers in the hospitality, institutional, catering and free-trade sectors.

Bidfood UK
Bidfresh UK



Trading profit


Employees profit

7 067

United Kingdom Earth
  • Established Bidvest Plc (now Bidcorp Foodservice International Limited) in the United Kingdom
  • Booker Foodservice, renamed 3663 First for Foodservice, acquired in the United Kingdom.
  • Acquired 100% of Seafood Holdings, later rebranded to Bidfresh UK, a market leading fresh fish foodservice business operating in the UK.
  • Bought 100% of PCL24/7 Transport Limited, a logistics storage and distribution business
  • Exited the PCL business, offered remaining logistics operation for sale. Acquired specialty food manufacturing business, Punjab Kitchen, renamed Simply Food Solutions

Emerging Markets

With a geographic footprint over four continents, this division includes operations in Africa, South America, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Bidfood SA
Crown Food
Chipkins Puratos
Mainland China
Hong Kong
Middle East



Trading profit


Employees profit

6 100

United Kingdom Earth
  • Acquired 100% of South African Chipkins and Sea World signalling the start of Bidcorp’s foodservice operation.
  • Acquired Crown National in South Africa
  • Acquired 80% stake in Horeca Trade, a UAE based foodservice distributor.
  • Acquired 100% of Angliss, a leading foodservice wholesaler and distributor in Singapore and Hong Kong.
  • Acquisition of 80% of Deli Meals in Chile, our first entry into South America.
  • Acquisition of 51% of Aktaes Holdings, a foodservice provider in Turkey.
  • Acquired a 60% stake in Distribuidora E Importadora
    Irmãos Avelino, a foodservice provider in Brazil.
  • Investments throughout mainland China, driving
    second-tier city presence strategy
  • Invested 38% into an Argentinian business, Blancaluna