Bidfood Australia management.

Bidfood Australia and Bidfood New Zealand make up the Bidfood Australasia division, acquired into the group in 1995 and 2000 respectively, offering a full end-to-end national distribution service.

Bidfood Australasia pride themselves on offering the industry’s most comprehensive range, broader market coverage, economies of scale and one-stop solutions. The division is an innovator and leads the industry in the development of ecommerce solutions. Sustained investment in training and technology ensure high levels of service efficiency, quality and accreditation.

Bidfood Australia is the nation’s leading distributor with divisions across foodservice, meat and liquor. Committed to innovation, service delivery and the continual invigoration of product range. Their ability to remain the leader in these three areas, while working closely with their customers, is what sets Bidfood Australia apart. The team continues to run a very large, successful and dynamic business, with a great deal of passion in serving the correct customer base, embracing the benefits of smart procurement and manufacturing best practice, whilst leading the pack in technological innovations.

Bidfood New Zealand is New Zealand’s leading national wholesale foods leading national wholesale food distributor, made up of four divisions:, made up of four divisions: Foodservice, Fresh, Presh, Processing and ocessing andocessing and Logistics. Together, all divisions pr, all divisions provideovide the foodservice and hospitality industrythe foodservice and hospitality industry with a complete range of food and non-with a complete range of food and non-food products. Linking the distributionoducts. Linking the distribution of 20 000+ products to over 15 000 customers. Bidfood NZ can service commercial food businesses of all sizes,cial food businesses of all sizes, from a small cafe through to the largestough to the largest national businesses in New Zealand.

Bidfood is focused on:
  • Achieving a strong understanding of national and local requirements
  • Providing consistently high standards of service and delivery
  • Adding value to customers’ businesses


As the leader in the foodservice industry,
we are acutely aware of
the importance of our people and the role
they have played in the company’s success.

People are the key to our dynamic
and growing business.

Coffs Harbour team, Bidfood Australia.   Demonstrating myBidfood, Australia.   Team Townsville Auckland, Bidfood NZ.   Product demonstration Dunedin, Bidfood NZ.


Human capital




Bidfood Australia employs nearly 2 500 people nationwide across the entire branch network. To ensure our continued success as Australia’s premier foodservice distributor, our strategy is to empower our people through entrepreneurship, incentivisation and decentralised management. Team members are also provided with continual support and development opportunities where necessary.

More than 2200 people work a Bidfood New Zealand and are the heartbeat of our organisation and our most valuable asset. They are highly skilled, dedicated and hard working with a service culture second to none. They will “do whatever it takes” to help the customer and provide exceptional service.

Bidfood NZ had a challenging year with labour-related issues and wage pressures. The business adjusted to this and got creative in problem solving. This challenge is going to remain, as Bidfood NZ defends a strong competitive position held, contends with high labour costs, coupled with full national employment. The team are fully aware of the issues and are taking proactive action.

Through intentional proactive investment in people, technology, the community and environmental management, Bidfood Australasia aims to make a positive contribution to real long-term sustainability.

Bidfood has built its organisation around quality. Quality food and quality people. Bidfood’s philosophy of working with a decentralised management structure, allows regional general managers a high level of independence, responsibility and responsiveness to make operational decisions that best suit regional demands. This allows for the development of strong regional relationships between customers whilst retaining the benefit of a national business focus.



New Plymouth in training, Bidfood NZ.

Financial capital

The region continues to grow. Revenue was up 3,7% to R31,1 billion (2018: R30,0 billion). Trading profit rose 9,4% to R2,15 billion (F2018: R2,0 billion), with lower revenue growth but higher margins reflecting the strategic shift away from the lower-margin customers.

Bidfood Australia had a solid year. Sales were slightly down on last year which reflects a good result considering the exit of further low-margin business from September 2018 onwards.

Foodservice performed well, benefiting from the freetrade customer focus being aligned with the strategy of splitting the major metropolitan branches effected in F2018. All three regions are tracking well, particularly the Melbourne branches.

Supply Solutions (imports) continues to perform well off the back of ongoing upstream integration developing further own brand lines and other light manufacturing opportunities.

Management’s approach to driving growth in a large, mature business is the strategic broadening of the offered product range to our existing extensive customer base. Our move into liquor following the Festival acquisition has been challenging, but opportunities abound in the medium term, given improved operational performance. Produce has struggled for some years as a standalone business and management has entered into a contract to sell this business.

Further capex has been invested on organic expansion in foodservice. Bolt-on acquisition opportunities remain, however, nothing is imminent.

Bidfood New Zealand delivered a credible performance delivering solid trading results. Revenue gains and improved margins more than offset higher expenses arising from labour costs and increased capacity.

All branches focused on productivity improvements. Labour availability continues to be a challenge, increasing pressure on wage rates. All segments of the business continue to develop profitably with ongoing innovation and product development, particularly in value-add processing.

All the F2018 new builds are delivering a positive return. Further investment has been committed to ensure we maintain this growth trajectory.

Intellectual capital

Bidfood Australasia has strong, collaborative relationships with leading brands from around the world. Bidfood is focused on building mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers so that both businesses can grow alongside each other. We recognise the critical role each supplier plays in our business and those of our customers.

Our purchasing teams work closely with all our trading partners to monitor activity, while keeping up with the latest trends and product innovation available both nationally and internationally, ensuring we are first to market.

Food safety is our number one priority. Poor food safety practices in the food supply chain can have a devastating effect on our customers’ businesses. Bidfood’s certified HACCP based food safety programme ensures products have been sourced from food safe compliant suppliers and handled in a food safe environment, maintaining the cool chain right to your door. The programme is independently audited every year.


Product portfolio   Customer mix
Product portfolio  

Smart Choice Scone Mix, Bidfood New Zealand.

* Hardware includes IT and office equipment.

Manufactured capital


The focus for this division, in line with group strategy, is on free trade growth. This means focus on growth at the correct margins. Free trade growth is a key driver for the metro strategy where we have increased the number of branches in urban areas. We are seeing some great results from the implemented metro regions and are working with other urban areas to get the right structure in place to maximise the sales and the service opportunities this strategy presents.

We want to make sure that our customers get prompt deliveries. If they order from us when they finish at night, they should get their delivery early the next morning, and if they order in the morning, they get it that afternoon. That’s what we do across multiple temperature zones and lots of different products.

At the cornerstone of any business, is the strength of the relationships it fosters. From customers and suppliers through to industry bodies, Bidfood Australasia has continually advanced relationships with stakeholders at every level of the foodservice industry.

All of the Bidfood depots are multi-temperature facilities with HACCP accredited food safety programmes. The trucks that make up the delivery fleet are portioned to ambient, chilled and frozen products ensuring integrity throughout the supply chain.

We have a large distribution network and it is easy for us to get our branches to take on new lines.

Bidfood Australia made significant budgeted investments into depots of A$69 million in 2019. Investing into new depots in Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland. A further A$8,8 million was invested to maintain the quality of the fleet.

Bidfood NZ capex investment was NZ$42 million in 2019, driven mainly by the investment in new depots, and depot upgrades. The two meat processing depots are benefiting from the investment in additional capacity and more efficient machinery, which have allowed them to increase volumes and reduce costs.

With state of the art multi-temperature warehouses strategically located across both countries, Bidfood has access to all major national and many international brands, customers and growing opportunities.

Natural capital

Australasia’s carbon

93 993  4%
2018: 97 426



Scope 1 emissions (tCO2e)
(excl refrigerants and aircon gases)

29 462  2%
2018: 28 747

Scope 1+ emissions (tCO2e)
(only refrigerants and aircon gases)

4 663  59%
2018: 11 372
Fuel (kilolitres)
10 589 10 871
Gas (tonnes)
204 192
Aircon gas (tonnes)
2,9 1,1

Bidfood Australia embraces technological solutions to minimise their emissions, such as:

  • Track and trace for trucks
  • SMART lighting in depots creating efficiency
  • Sophisticated solar panel technology for reducing energy consumption
  • Using online communication methods

Bidfood NZ has recently added an ecofriendly hybrid truck to its existing fleet. The truck is a Mitsubishi Fuso HEV75G2 Duonic Hybrid with a 110kw engine and 45kw electric motor. It was purchased with a view to gain a greater understanding of how hybrid vehicles work and to assess their feasibility as a future transportation option.

Delivery truck, Bidfood Australia.

Scope 2 emissions (tCO2e)

51 040  5%
2018: 48 408
Grid Electricity
79 834 037 83 933 181
Non-grid Electricity
435 510 719 898

Bidfood Australia Solar Programme

Solar systems have been installed since 2014. The first large-scale installation was at the foodservice depot at Bibra Lake, Perth, generating capacity of 290kWh. Since then additional installations include smaller scale arrays on depots in Adelaide (100kWh) and Townsville (80kWh). The new depots generation capacity is 290 kWh in Truganina (VIC), 190kWh in Richlands (QLD), 100kWh in Launceston (TAS), and 190kWh in Dandenong (VIC). All have been installed in varied configurations during the past year.

Solar panels Perth, Bidfood Australia.

The Perth solar plant has
produced 1 610mwh of power in five
years, it has saved nearly A$290k at
A$0.18/kWh, with a 25-year effective life
and an initial cost of A$766k.


Scope 3 emissions (tCO2e)

8 828  1%
2018: 8 904

Food waste (tonnes)


Waste recycled (tonnes)

7 440 

Waste to landfill (tonnes)

14 780 
2018: 22 245 tonnes

Bidfood Australasia has partnered with community projects to combat the war on waste. Training programmes, awareness campaigns and internal policies adopted all help to reduce waste.

Water (kilolitres)

355 421  0%
2018: 355 123


Bidfood aims to make a positive contribution to real sustainability, through investment in our people, technology and environmental management formalised by internally adopted and enforced policies.

Social and relationship capital

Bidfood Australasia fully accepts the responsibility that comes with being a leading business within your operating territory. With a focus on both the foodservice industry and the wider community, we aim to make a meaningful contribution.

In the industry

Australian culinary federation

Bidfood is proudly a part of the foodservice industry in Australia and is committed to supporting its growth. Highlighting this is the partnership with the Australian Culinary Federation (ACF), the peak industry organisation representing professional chefs, cooks, apprentices and culinary students.

Bidfood is also involved with one of the leading apprentice chef competitions in Australia, Nestle Golden Chef’s Hat Award.

Bidfood NZ is dumping cage-eggs!

Bidfood is New Zealand’s largest supplier of eggs within the foodservice industry and the second largest supplier of eggs after supermarkets. This is a massive victory for hens!

Bidfood NZ culinary schools sponsorships

  • Bidfood NZ is a sponsor for the National Secondary Schools Culinary Challenge in 2019.
  • Bidfood Rotorua proudly sponsor this awesome event for Junior Chefs of Aotearoa.
  • Bidfood NZ sponsors the Outstanding Café Award and is principal food sponsors for the Lewisham Awards 2019.
In the community

Daniel Morcombe Foundation

Since 2011 Bidfood has been supporting the Daniel Morcombe Foundation. The foundation is committed to keeping kids safe. It was established by parents Bruce and Denise Morcombe in 2005 after their son Daniel was abducted and murdered in December 2003 while waiting to catch a bus on the Sunshine Coast. The foundation was established as a lasting legacy to Daniel and now has two main aims; to educate children on how to stay safe in a physical and online environment.

KickStart for Kids

Bidfood Australia is also proud to partner with the KickStart for Kids programme. Founded on the belief that every child, regardless of their background, should have an equal chance. If children are hungry or encounter hardship, they are not able to fully engage at school, therefore, not achieving educational outcomes. KickStart for Kids endeavours to level the playing field.

To assist this worthy cause, Bidfood Australia has committed to donating a pallet of milk every week. This equates to A$40 000 of milk per year and enables KickStart for Kids to serve around 40 000 breakfasts and 10 000 lunches per week to over 300 South Australian schools.

Reconciliation Australia

At Bidfood, we recognise that diversity and inclusion makes good business sense. It encourages our employees to embrace difference, brings people together from all walks of life. Bidfood Australia has partnered with Reconciliation Australia to develop a plan which assists in our commitment to applying cultural learning, respectful business practice and the promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment within our business and sphere of in influence.

Graeme Dingle Foundation

For the past 11 years, having donated over NZ$650 000, Bidfood is proud to have partnered with the Graeme Dingle Foundation, an established charity and leader in positive child and youth development. The Foundation has a vision for ‘New Zealand to be the best place in the world for children to grow up’. Having raised over NZ$198 000 in 2019, Bidfood NZ was able to extend their support of the Foundation to seven regions in New Zealand.

Bidfood NZ mental health foundation

Bidfood NZ’s Brook van Reenen ran the 3 000 km length of New Zealand, from Cape Reinga to Cape Bluff, in an effort to raise awareness and NZ$12 000 for the Mental Health Foundation.