Bidcorp's 2019 stakeholders


Bidcorp served more than 313 675 customers, an

8% increase on prior year


31% of all revenue generated from ecommerce platforms


Independent customers now make up 52%
of total revenue

We strive to create value for our customers by listening to them – understanding what their needs are and responding to make their lives easier.

Through the introduction of our online ecommerce tools, customers are able to engage real time and place orders on a tablet, mobile phone or laptop, with a delivery time as quick as within the operating day. Bidfood is providing and growing a portfolio of leading brands, to meet our customers’ needs.

Many of our customers are finding skills and space expensive, we are able to offer pre-prepared products, sous-vide meals at locally situated depots, able to ease this burden.


Own brand products now make up 18% of total revenue


20 400 suppliers, just 2% increase on prior year, offering 324 514 product SKUs


36% of 2019 revenue from sale of Frozen products, Chilled 28%, Ambient 31% and Non-food 5%

We strive to create value for our suppliers by engaging with them on market trends and requirements. Alerting them to changes in customer needs and product developments required.

In South Africa we actively promote enterprise development through the purchase of goods and services from BBBEE accredited suppliers and support the establishment and development of new businesses in the market.



44 698 public shareholders, holding 99,98% of the 335,4 million shares in issue


We distributed a total of R2,0 billion in dividends to our shareholders

We strive to provide our investors with value through consistent financial returns in the form of dividends and share price growth.

Through effective management of our financial resources and appropriate capital allocation decisions we ensure value is created for the investors.

Proactive, transparent communications, quarterly trading updates and engaging reporting ensures the shareholders are informed of the performance of the company.


The group operates in over 35 countries engaging with more than 35 different governments and tax authorities

R1,4 billion paid in taxes; average tax rate of 23,3%

We are committed to meeting and supporting the national and local needs of each government body and institution in all jurisdictions that we operate in.

Contributing to the fiscal revenue through timely and accurate submissions of transparent financial results.

Supporting wider government initiatives such as human rights issues, gender equality and transformation is key. This support is demonstrated through active participation and engagement, providing input and insight to changes and advancements in legislation.

Operating our business ethically and ensuring good governance practices are in place, including a zero-tolerance to any form of fraud and crime.



25 858 employees, 2% increase on prior year. Workforce of 27% women providing equal opportunity to promote gender diversity


11% staff turnover recorded in 2019, based on terminations recorded. 5% increase in lost time hours reported in 2019


R42 million spent on training, a 4% increase from 2018

We are committed to creating value for our people through providing exciting employment opportunities across all facets of the business. Promoting from within and developing a team to ensure a strong succession plan is in place.

Continuous investment in training to build a high-performance culture, both within their roles and with regards to health and safety in the workplace.

Actively driving transparent and meaningful engagement with employees and with their representative forums and unions.



Total emissions reported this year 410 506 tCO2e a decrease of 1% on prior year



7% increase in the total number of vehicles, with a 0% increase in fuel emissions



3% decrease in scope 2 emissions using solar panels in many of our depots

Municipal water used increased by 4%

To keep growing we need to stay relevant and keep providing solutions to the real needs of our people and environment.

By finding new business models to meet the economic, social and environmental challenges that come our way, we will secure the future.

Through monthly reporting initiatives and quarterly reviews, each business is held accountable to their emissions and reductions achieved in energy, fuel, refrigerant gas and water used, ensuring staff awareness and involvement.

Recycling initiatives and identification of unique industry specific environmental and sustainability initiatives are common place in each business and are shared practices among group companies.

Bidcorp is committed to reducing our impact on the environment – this is a top priority for the group.



R14,5 million donated to charities and community projects



Countless local projects supporting those within reach



Food recycling and donation projects

reported 2,7 tonnes of food donated to global Food Banks

We strive to create value for our communities through continued investment, of time, money and support into local social development initiatives to improve the lives of people in the communities around our businesses and their families.

Empowering our community to support themselves by contributing to our value chain, through creating learnership programmes and subsequent employment opportunities. We invest in social and education initiatives, focusing on programmes such as healthy eating.

Senior citizen programmes, community projects, sponsorships, donations and education programmes are just some of the many initiatives owned by each of our businesses in their individual and group efforts to make a difference.

DAC's own
brand ARCO
pesto, Italy.

Own brand
Cook Basic & Co,
Bidfood Poland.