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Glossary of terms and acronyms

3PL Third party logistics provider
Ambient products Food that can be stored at room temperature, generally about 20˚C
Bidfood ecommerce platform Developed by our NZ-based software development team, BidOne, these sites are globally rolled out to local platforms, accessible on all devices for online ordering, menu planning, invoicing, sales reports, and day-to-day customer engagement. Uniquely named for each market eg BidfoodDirect in UK, myBidfood in Australia etc
Carton-movers Traditional low margin logistics distribution business
Catering sector A broad service category that provides foodservices to businesses that prepare large-scale meals for events and functions
Chilled products Food that is stored at refrigeration temperatures (between 2˚C and 4˚C)
Contract distribution Entire order delivered on one truck with customer supplied products, on customer determined schedule
DC Distribution center, also referred to as a depot
DSM Demand side management
ESG Environment, Social and Governance processes and reporting in line with recommendations of Global CPD guidance, King IV and GRI G4
Farm gate inflation Agricultural price inflation
Foodservice sector The business of being a delivered wholesaler of a broad multi-temperature product range to the catering and hospitality sectors
Free-trade Also referred to as street trade or independent trade Standalone customers which are not part of a large conglomerate or holding entity, usually owner managed high-end restaurants
Fresh Fresh produce (fruits and vegetables), as well as fresh meat, fish and/ or poultry
Frozen Prepared fresh product, packaged and frozen at -18˚C for distribution
Group Bidcorp group, consolidating all subsidiaries (see Note 12.3)
Horeca A foodservice distribution channel that includes hotels, restaurants, caterers, cafés and the broader hospitality industry
Hospitality sector A broad service category that provides foodservices to a hospitality business such as restaurants, pubs and hotels
Industrial caterers channel A provider of catering services within the industrial sector, the industrial caterer usually has a presence situated on site
Institutional channel A foodservice distribution channel into canteens within hospitals, schools, care homes and prisons
JSE Johannesburg Stock Exchange Limited
Logistics segment A segment of the foodservice sector that supplies logistics solutions to large scale food providers and the QSR trade
National accounts channel Accounts which have a head office structure with one point of contact for overall account management
Non-food products Collection of non-food items ranging from cleaning products, work clothing, kitchen equipment, serviettes, dining goods etc
Out-of-home eating Restaurant and casual dining prepared outside of the home
Own-brands Also known as home-brands or private label products, owned by Bidcorp and TM registered
Processing segment A segment of the foodservice sector which manufactures and distributes processed, semi-processed and prepackaged products
QSR Quick service restaurant
Ready-meals or Ready-to-eat Pre-packaged, pre-prepared deli foods and chilled or frozen meals
Re-pack products Re-packing of bulk containers of whole produce into smaller quantities as part of the light manufacture value-add services offered by Bidfood
Retail segment Business which supplies a full-range of products to supermarkets and hypermarkets
Sous Vide products Quality cuts sealed in airtight plastic bags for slow cooking in water baths or in temperature-controlled steam environments
Voice picking Accurate, efficient, and effective order picking system implemented in warehouses