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2017: 10


2017: 16
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2017: 26

Note: BidOne staff complement of 26, based in New Zealand, was moved into Corporate Division from July 1 2018, increasing Corporate headcount to 50.

Social and relationship capital

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Social and relationship capital


Johannesburg-based Bidcorp Corporate Services complements the work of decentralised operational divisions through a range of services, including:

  • access to corporate finance;
  • Bidfood own brand support;
  • compliance;
  • executive training, oversight and management of group-wide financial services;
  • investor relations and corporate communications;
  • risk and sustainability support and
  • strategic direction.

The corporate centre adds further value by identifying strategic and investment opportunities while promoting experience sharing across divisions and fostering synergies and savings. Supported by a finance team in the Isle of Man, Bidcorp Corporate Services has developed an in-house financial consolidation tool ensuring smooth and efficient monthly consolidation process of our globally diverse businesses and internal reporting systems.

Bidcorp Corporate also houses the group’s investments.

Chief executives

Bernard Berson

Nigel Boswell

David Cleasby

Chief executive Chief development officer Chief financial officer

Corporate office oversees the activities of several entities that deliver strategic services to the group.

BidOne the New Zealand-based ecommerce development unit drove continued enhancement and deployment of the bespoke online platform across a growing number of group operations.

Focus areas in 2018 included further efforts to step up the personalisation of the business sites to reflect the unique identity of each operation and offering. The emphasis given to local content management enables timely communication of local promotions, local market information and local product details.

In areas where ecommerce has become a well-established tool, an estimated 30% of ecommerce orders are now actioned by mobile devices. The level is expected to reach 50% in coming months.

Good progress was made with the Bdirect Cloud Project, rehosting the current platforms in the cloud. The team expects to roll out the pilot stage early in the new period.

Bidfood Procurement Community gained further momentum and its range widened. Group procurement levels increased across all categories. Seafood volumes rose significantly. Utilisation of the Facebook Workplace collaboration tool continues to grow. The growth of BPC volumes is a group priority, indicating further gains in the coming year.

Social investment by the South African corporate office continues to complement the CSI work of local and national teams. The focus falls on education and Aids (South Africa contends with the world’s largest HIV pandemic, with HIV prevalence reportedly at 18,9% of the general population).

The longstanding partnership with ORT South Africa (Educating for Life) continued successfully in 2018.

The Bidcorp ORT mathematics programme in Ivory Park (a disadvantaged community) made strong progress. Average marks and pass rates are expected to increase at the end of the academic year. The programme supports 17 grade 9 mathematics teachers and 180 learners through an extra tuition programme, the Learning Enhancement Programme.

A teacher development component improves mathematics outcomes in project schools by improving curriculum delivery. Teachers attend preparatory workshop sessions. They are then visited in the classroom for coaching and mentoring by ORT’s mathematics experts.



Bidcorp remains committed to its support for Nkosi’s Haven. This is an initiative totally dependent on voluntary contributions from individuals and corporate, providing support to HIV positive mothers, their children and Aids orphans. Funding helps meet the expenses of Nkosi’s Haven Village (a cottage complex south of Johannesburg) and Nkosi’s 4Life Farm (a project near Vereeniging that grows fresh produce for haven residents and for sale while providing jobs for otherwise destitute township residents and those living with Aids).

Nkosi’s Haven provides accommodation, ARVs, nutritional foods and other assistance for those living with Aids, including support for Aids orphans during their school years and on to university.

During the year, the haven ensured continued sustainability by working in partnership with a growing number of local and international bodies dedicated to the assistance of Aids sufferers.



Bidcorp Corporate Services also assisted a Johannesburg care facility for the elderly, as well as a mentorship programme that helps pupils from disadvantaged homes to manage the transition to tertiary education.

ORT South Africa (Educating for Life)   ORT South Africa (Educating for Life)
Nkosi’s Haven   Nkosi’s Haven