This is Bidcorp

Stakeholder engagement



  • Customer-centric ethos at the heart of all engagement
  • Ecommerce, CRM and social media presence
  • Call centres, online support services as well as independently managed complaints channels in place

    Actions taken

  • Customer service improvements identified and actioned
  • Continuous monitoring of tip-off and help-line contact points
  • Staff training on new legislation


  • Ongoing communication at local level with suppliers on changing trends and customer needs
  • Joint pursuit of efficiencies
  • Long-term sustainable support of local home-grown suppliers

    Actions taken

  • Embracing electronic media initiatives
  • Supportive relationships with small, local suppliers
  • Continued efforts to streamline logistics chain


  • Employee feedback and trade union engagement
  • Monitoring and reporting on gender and diversity topics
  • Health and safety prioritisation, including reporting on lost-time injuries

    Actions taken

  • Focused training programmes
  • Effective social media communication tools promoting collaboration
  • Career pathing initiatives across each division

Shareholders, incl. investors/analysts

  • Investor meetings and presentations
  • Online updates and communications

    Actions taken

  • Quarterly presentations to investors and analysts
  • Assessment of non-financial data collection for reporting
  • Reporting non-financial issues in annual integrated report


  • Commitment to reduce environment impacts
  • Group-wide focus, with reporting to board level to ensure this remains a top priority
  • Identification of industry-specific environmental and sustainability initiatives

    Actions taken

  • Cost reduction, elimination of duplication and reduced water usage included in business strategies
  • Quarterly reporting metrics increased and closely monitored


  • Interaction to explore community employment opportunities
  • Direct local business engagement with communities

    Actions taken

  • Corporate support of identified causes
  • Individual businesses support community-based projects
  • Healthy eating campaigns

Authorities incl. government and regulators

  • Proactive interaction and communication at each business
  • Group level engagement on overarching issues such as taxation
  • Need to meet requirements of national authorities and regulators

    Actions taken

  • Compliance programmes
  • Proactive consultations
  • Training opportunities for newly qualified candidates, with potential career opportunities offered within Bidfood