This is Bidcorp

This is Bidcorp

Bidcorp is an international broad-line foodservice group, listed on the South African JSE, and present in developed and developing economies on five continents.

Focused on foodservice, the business comprises a mix of well-established leading and rapidly growing market positions, offering significant future upside.

It's all about the food

It's all about the food

We are pleased to present our 2018 annual integrated report. This is our primary report
to our shareholders and other stakeholders. This report should be read together with the information
available on the Bidcorp website

Scope and boundary

The Bidcorp annual integrated report for the year ended June 30 2018 reports consolidated information gathered from the global spread of the group's divisions.

Bidcorp's geographic reach spans over 30 countries on five continents. Due to the expanse of local geographic regulations, we only include limited material sustainability information in the annual integrated report. Additional information is available on request.

In line with the guidelines from the Integrated Reporting Committee of South Africa, we have incorporated the relevant six capitals as a platform to inform this review, while striving for concise, relevant reporting.

There has been no material change in the scope and boundary of this report compared to the prior year.

Financial performance

We have provided a full set of Bidcorp's audited 2018 annual financial statements (AFS) in this report in accordance with the recognition and measurement criteria of International Financial Reporting Standards.


We have adopted the principles of King IV on corporate governance thereby recognising the board, board committees, management, internal assurance providers and external assurance providers as key assurance roleplayers in ensuring that the business continues to have an effective control environment and a strong ethical climate. The board is ultimately responsible for combined assurance by setting the direction concerning the arrangements for assurance services and functions.

Reporting Integrity


The Bidcorp board has considered the legitimate interests of all our key stakeholders in determining information that is considered to be material for inclusion in this report. We aim to demonstrate the connectivity between our strategy, business model, stakeholder interests and concerns as well as our risks and opportunities analysis. The material issues are monitored by management on an ongoing basis and have been reported herein.

Forward looking statements

The annual integrated report may contain statements regarding the future financial performance of the group and specific businesses, which may be considered to be forward looking statements. By their nature, forward looking statements involve risk and uncertainty, and although we have taken reasonable care to ensure the accuracy of the information presented, no assurance can be given that such expectations will prove to have been correct.

Reporting suite

We are committed to transparent reporting to our stakeholders.

The following reporting frameworks were applied in preparing this report:

  • The Companies Act, No 71 of 2008, as amended
  • The Listings Requirements of the JSE Limited
  • The King IV Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa 2016
  • Global Reporting Initiative Framework
  • International Financial Reporting Standards
  • International Integrated Reporting Council Integrated Reporting Framework.

Approval by the board

It is Bidcorp board's responsibility to ensure the integrity of the annual integrated report. The audit and risk committee and the social and ethics committee acknowledge their responsibility to ensure the integrity of this annual integrated report. The board has accordingly applied its collective mind to the content of the report and in the opinion of the board, believes it addresses all material issues and presents fairly the integrated performance of the organisation and its social and environmental impacts.

The Bidcorp board has authorised the annual integrated report for release on October 30 2018.

Stephen Koseff
Bernard Berson
Chief executive
David Cleasby
Chief financial officer