Bidcorp Corporate

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2016: (R88m)*
Number of employees
2016: 23
10   16
2016: 9   2016: 14

* Pro forma results


Johannesburg-based Bidcorp Corporate Services complements the work of decentralised operational divisions through a range of services, including:

  • access to corporate finance;
  • Bidfood brand support;
  • compliance;
  • executive training, oversight and management of Group-wide financial services;
  • investor relations and corporate communications;
  • risk and sustainability issues; and
  • strategic direction.

The corporate centre adds further value by identifying strategic and investment opportunities while promoting experience sharing across divisions and fostering synergies and savings. Supported by a finance team in the Isle of Man, Bidcorp Corporate Services has developed an in-house financial consolidation tool ensuring smooth and efficient monthly consolidation process of our globally diverse businesses and internal reporting systems.

Bidcorp Corporate also houses the group's investments.

Bidfood Procurement Community (BPC)

Results were satisfactory. UK and European purchasing opportunities are now being pursued by a dedicated BPC staff member. The supplier and product ranges continue to broaden and the business is tracking well.


Our group corporate social investment, driven from our head office in Johannesburg, contributed R5,7m to local initiatives.

Decentralisation at Bidcorp is a platform for local initiative in a host of areas, including community support. However, local commitment is complemented in specific areas of need by strategic intervention from corporate office in Johannesburg.

At a central group level in Johannesburg, Bidcorp directly supports two keystone projects, namely the ORT education, skills and enterprise development project, to whom we dedicated R1,25 million, and Nkosi's Haven, a child and mother HIV and AIDS home, to whom we donated R1,5 million.

Community projects

Nkosi Haven

Nkosi's Haven

One target for corporate assistance is Nkosi's Haven in Johannesburg, a facility that helps HIV+ mothers, their children and AIDS orphans. Well-balanced meals and nutritional food are vital for Haven residents. Funding for ARVs and education is also needed. Bidcorp assistance helps ensure these needs are met.

Community project

Ort saORT SA

For optimum effectiveness, Bidcorp partners with ORT South Africa, a non-profit developmental organisation committed to "Educating for Life".

"Second Chance" is just one project where exceptional results have been achieved. This year-long maths and science programme helps post-matric students who require improved results for entry into tertiary institutions.

Another project has given a nationwide lead by bringing coding for computer software, apps and websites to township schools. The Grade 8 Coding Club for 14-year-olds is an extra mural activity in the Ivory Park township north of Johannesburg. These computer-savvy "coding kids" are now working on several projects, including a digital timetable for teachers, a motion sensor safety tool for the blind and a driverless bus.

Transformation in South Africa

Bidcorp and all the management of the businesses in South Africa are committed to transformation and the building of a sustainable economy reflective of the dynamics in the country where access to the majority of South Africans is afforded. We continue to develop, invest and refine initiatives in pursuit of maximising performance against the new B-BBEE Code. Bidcorp remains committed to broad based transformation.

Our integrated approach leverages our core business to support long-term economic development and participation through a principal focus on management control, supplier and enterprise development. The recently introduced revised B-BBEE codes have necessitated a recalibration of focus in each business and new plans have been implemented to achieve these goals.

Management control and Employment equity – all businesses have succession plans in place and are developing the identified individuals. There is a continuous commitment to fill positions as they become available with previously disadvantaged individual candidates, with the focus on females and people living with disabilities. Due to low staff turnover, achieving the desired levels remains a challenge.

Supplier development – our existing supplier network are experiencing challenges in achieving meaningful transformation which directly impacts the businesses ratings and does put pressure on the Bidfood business where certain customers have minimum rating requirements. The development of new suppliers remains difficult where new entrants are faced with stringent food safety regulations and technical requirements of product developments.

Enterprise development – businesses have incurred significant costs in funding and developing small enterprises where opportunities exist to integrate these businesses into small business opportunities.

In other areas, skills development plans are in place, and training continues within all businesses. There are on-going learnerships across our businesses and new learnerships are due for roll-out during the new financial year. Socio-Economic Development initiatives were well supported during the year, with all businesses exceeding the target of 1% of net profit after tax.

In South Africa each subsidiary business is responsible for their own transformation ratings and initiatives.

  • BF has improved their management control score in the period, but marginally fallen back on skills development due to a lower overall spend. BF has achieved a Level 4 rating.
  • CFG improved in the areas of skills development, as well as Preferential Procurement. Management control has moved marginally backward. Enterprise and Supplier development projects were delayed; however these projects are expected to bear fruit in the new financial year. CFG anticipates maintaining its Level 8 rating.
  • CP has made improvements in all areas, and has improved their rating to a Level 4.
  • Bidcorp has recently been awarded a level 5 rating as a consolidated entity of the South African operations.

Our goal is to continue to implement programmes and solutions that are suitable and commercially beneficial to all stakeholders and well situated for business growth.


B-BBEE Empowerdex certificates are available on company's website.