Bidcorp's six capitals defined

Financial capital   Intellectual capital   Manufactured capital

Financial capital

The funding and financial resources available to and deployed by the group; including bonds issued, finance raised, revenue generated, interest income and funds reinvested.


Intellectual capital

Organisational knowledge, systems, protocols and intellectual property in particular the innovative cutting edge online customer & supplier interfaces being used internationally to simplify, streamline and create efficiencies in our business process
end-to-end; providing us with our competitive advantage.


Manufactured capital

The physical infrastructure used to sell products; includes distribution centres (owned and leased) and the IT systems throughout the business enabling us to procure, import, deliver and sell our products and services around the world.

Human capital   Social and relationship capital   Natural capital

Human capital

The competencies, capabilities and experience of our employees and globally diverse management team, enabling us to deliver our products and services and implement our strategy, thereby creating value for our stakeholders.


Social and relationship capital

Stakeholder relationships and engagement making up the critical, long-term relationships that we have cultivated with customers, suppliers and business partners in developing our internationally recognised corporate reputation.


Natural capital

Environmental resources form the foundation of our products and services. Sourcing food products locally, delivering them efficiently and responsibly whilst protecting and enabling the long-term sustainability of food production.